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A Journey of Empowerment




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It's time to link your inner spiritual wealth
with your outer financial wealth!




Shift from surviving to THRIVING!

This journey is my love letter to you!


I know YOU are a High Vibe Creative Spiritual Being with amazing gifts to share with the world. It is your Divine Destiny to experience the thriving abundance that comes when you connect who you really are with the world.


Follow Your Heart & Make Money™ is a sacred journey
to activate and initiate you into the full expression
of who you really are and make the
shift from merely surviving to powerfully thriving!


Everyone has their own unique experience of wealth. In this journey you are going to clarify what wealth means to you internally and externally. You'll learn how to create, grow and harvest your Money Tree so you can embody wealth on all levels in your life!


There are 7 Activations we will travel through together to empower wealth in you life...


7 Activations to
Follow Your Heart & Make Money


Sacred Activation of LOVE


The Sacred Activation of LOVE is about linking, merging and uniting all your energies into ONE thriving experience. Love is the sacred act of encompassing all.


Linking your spiritual wealth with your financial wealth.

Uniting your Divine Masculine with your Divine Feminine.

Integrating your left and right brain.

Merging your inner and outer worlds!


The Sacred Activation of LOVE is about being in your source energy so you can grow the wealth you deeply desire in this world.



Sacred Activation of DECISION


The Sacred Activation of DECISION is about making the whole-hearted decision to say YES to your dreams and go all the way with your purpose.


When we don't make clear decisions we sit on the fence and life passes us by. We fog up our manifesting abilities and go half way with our dreams. Not making clear, empowered decisions robs the world of your brilliance.

Experiencing the Sacred Activation of DECISION is designed to clarify what is most important to you so you can feel solid in your decisions, direction and focus.



Sacred Activation of ROOTS


The Sacred Activation of ROOTS is about growing the internal structure and foundation that supports your purpose. You'll discover what you need to be nourished so you can follow your heart & make money. You'll connect with your Spirit Ancestors so you have a direct line to wisdom and insight on your path.


When you don't have roots you are ungrounded and fearful for your survival. When your roots have not been activated you'll feel like you're doing a lot and getting no where. You can deplete your energy to the point of exhaustion when your roots are not activated.


Experiencing the Sacred Activiation of ROOTS is designed to connect you with your Spirit Ancestors and all the nourishment you need to Follow Your Heart & Make Money™!



Sacred Activation of BIRTHING YOURSELF


The Sacred Activation of BIRTHING YOURSELF is about creating a space for you to be the person you came to be.


Your inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine merge and conceive YOU. The full magnificent expression of your highest vibrational Self. Birthing yourself is the experience of becoming the person you came here to be.


When you have not birthed yourself you'll feel in the cage of other people's ideas and beliefs. You may have taken on belief systems from your biological family or societal beliefs. These beliefs are cleansed during your birthing process.


Experiencing the Sacred Activation of BIRTHING YOURSELF is one of the most profound life experiences you can have! It is essential for you to Follow Your Heart & Make Money™.



Sacred Activation of OFFERING


The Sacred Activiation of OFFERING is about clarifying your unique gifts and talents in potent way so they are magnetic and juicy!


Activating your ability to OFFER is often a healing process of believing in your value and worth.


When you have not activated your ability to powerfully offer you'll feel unclear about what you can do to make money. You'll feel disconnected from others and have a sense of isolation and fear of survival.


Experiencing the Sacred Activation of OFFERING is designed so you can embody your true value and worth and present that to others clearly and powerfully.



Sacred Activation of RECEIVING


The Sacred Activation of RECEIVING is about opening the doors for wealth to come in. Money comes through people and we must be open to receive in order to let money come in.


If your receiving energy has not been activated you'll struggle with lack and feel like there is never enough.


Experiencing the Sacred Activiation of RECEIVING opens the doors to wealth so you can follow your heart & make money!



Sacred Activation of EXPANSION


The Sacred Activiation of EXPANSION is about growing, deepening and circulating your experience of wealth in your life, your business, your body, your finances, your home and all areas of your life.


When you have not experienced the conscious ability to expand you'll feel limited and fearful of making big decisions that stretch you beyond your comfort zone. You'll stay small rather than growing to match the size of your spirit.


Experiencing the Sacred Activiation of EXPANSION is designed to open you to a level of trust and faith that is the same vibrational frequency of your highest potential!







6 Figure Mindset Affirmation Audio

  • Learn the mindset of a 6 Figure Entrepreneur and upgrade your thinking with high level thoughts.
  • The 6 Figure Mindset Afffirmation Audio is designed so you can listen to it while you're taking a bath, preparing a meal, driving, exercising or sitting in meditation.
  • Listening to this audio throughout your activations will deepen your wealth expansion!
  • Value $97






90 Day Empowered Money Guidebook

  • The 90 Day Empowered Money Guidebook is your daily companion to fully integrate all the activations you receive throughout this program.
  • Value $197






3 LIVE Q&A calls with Personalized Intuitive Channeling
by Laura Hollick

  • Throughout the 7 Activations things will surely come up! These live Q&A calls are a way to receive the personalized support and intutive guidance to full integrate and expand every stage of your journey.
  • Value ~ Priceless!



What people are saying about

Laura and her programs...




Shakaya launched
The Beauty Cleanse
and made five figures in 10 days!


"Laura is a dream mentor!


She is truly gifted in drawing out of her clients their unique gifts and leadership no matter where they are starting from.


I had just started with no business background and felt I lacked the skills necessary to be wildly successful, yet Laura assured me my essence and passion are highly valuable, and that I could learn the rest! This gave me the confidence to enjoy the process.


Laura was always there with her trademark creativity, intuition and keen business sense to assist me each step of my journey.


My FIRST LAUNCH was very successful - it made 5 figures in 10 days!


Laura is an endless source of wisdom and inspiration for those who desire to create a thriving business based on being themselves and wish to transform into the iconic Leaders they desire to be.


- Shakaya Leone, Private client,




Sarah McClure

Sarah is stepping into her Visionary Business!



"If you are feeling ready to serve BIG in the world now and to PLAY creatively in your business and to make MONEY  while you totally love and respect yourself.....then I would invite you to explore the possibility of working with Laura Hollick.


Laura Hollick is definitely working with Magick as she guides and leads in the SoulArt Visionary Intensive.  I felt, and continue to feel very 'held' by Laura.  What I mean is she is offering her deep Presence for me to be very brave and work with my True Dream, now.  


I had no choice but to go deep and create a plan that is REAL in this world, and totally based on my Spirit-guidance.  


Laura has modelled for me what I call  the work of the Contemporary Temple Priestess and she has deeply inspired me to invite people to work intimately with me in Sacred Sexual Healing. "


- Sarah McClure, Private client, Sacred Sexual Healer




Jaclyn attracted over $3,200!



"In the second week of the Money Cleanse I received a grant of $3,200 to cover the remaining tuition for my shamanic training. My website sales have doubled and I received an unexpected $100 check in the mail. Thank you for this awesome Money Cleanse journey!"


- Jaclyn Ouillette, Money Cleanse client,




Tamara's bad habits melted away!



"A couple of bad habits I have had for a long time, all my adult life in fact, have simply melted away, and have been replaced with a calm that I have longed for."


- Tamara Gal-On, Money Cleanse client,





Marina created profound shifts!



"I was really stuck in the area of income and my relationship with money. I really needed to clear away some obstacles and develop new healthy habits. Doing the Money Cleanse made me realize that I often worked with unrealistic/best case scenario pictures. Paying attention to the Money over a period of 21 days really got me in the habit of doing it and created some profound shifts that allowed me now to move in the new direction."


- Marina MacDonald, Money Cleanse client,




Ana Poirier

Ana unplugged her money blocks!



"After feeling a bit "stuck" in my business and around money for a few months, I definitely experienced an energetic shift that unplugged some of my money blocks, and brought in new opportunities and inspiration.


This is not the usual "how to make money" kind of program, rather a much deeper internal journey that brings something more sustainable and enduring to your individual experience with money. Awesome!"


- Ana Poirier, Money Cleanse client,



Follow Your Heart & Make Money™



Follow Your Heart & Make Money™ Certification

  • Once you have completed your own sacred journey and have successfully traveled through all 7 Activations you will be ready to learn how to guide others through the 7 Activations.
  • The Certification program is for people who want to use these Activations, processes, and techniques within their own coaching practice or start a new career as a Certified Follow Your Heart & Make Money™ Guide.
  • You will have up to 1 year to complete the Certification assignments so you can enjoy the experience of each one.
  • Once you have completed all the Certification assignments you will have a private Activation call with Laura Hollick to fully initiate you as a Certified Guide.



Follow Your Heart & Make Money™ begins on April 26th!


You will receive a class every Friday for 7 weeks.


The Certification program begins once you have completed all 7 Activations.


All your Bonuses and live Q&A call schedule will be emailed
in your welcome package on April 24th.



Follow Your Heart & Make Money™ Your Journey


7 Follow Your Heart & Make Money™ audio Activation classes


* *

PDF Worksheets for all Activation classes


* *

Access to Private group forum


* *
Bonus #1: 6 Figure Mindset Affirmation Audio * *
Bonus #2: 90 Day Empowered Money Guidebook. * *
Bonus #3: 3 Live Q&A calls with personalized Intuitive Guidance
from Laura Hollick
* *
Exclusive Features of the Certification    

Follow Your Heart & Make Money™ Certification training audios, worksheets, assignments and private forum.


Personalized feedback for your Certification assignments on the private forum from Laura Hollick



Private Activation call with Laura Hollick upon completing your Follow Your Heart & Make Money™ Certification assignments. (value $1,000)



Pay in Full





Four Payment Option (30 days apart)








It is my honor and a joy to guide you
through this journey of empowerment!



From my creative heart to yours,




p.s. Activate your sacred journey today!
It's time for you to Follow Your Heart & Make Money™!


follow your heart




About Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick

Laura Hollick is your guide for Follow Your Heart & Make Money Journey of Empowerment.


She is an award-winning artist, Shaman, Visionary Entrepreneur and CEO of Soul Art Studio Inc., a multi-6 figure business.


After walking 10,000km on a Vision Quest, Laura clarified her purpose and dove into business to embody it. She is the founder and CEO of Soul Art Studio Inc., a business devoted to inspiring people to create their life and business as an expression of their spirit.



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